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The Real Estate Crash Has Cost Me $300,000 So Far, But I'm Still Making Money - The power of investing for cash flow

There are many advantages to investing in real estate. I don’t mean a house to live in, but rather an investment property purchased with the intent to earn a return on your investment.

When prices are going up, leveraged appreciation is a great way to get great returns.

When prices are going down as they are currently, not so much.

However, appreciation is not the only way to make money in real estate because investment property also produces cash flow.

Cash flow is what is left over after you collect rent and pay all your expenses.

If done right, real estate will earn positive cash flow from day one, regardless of what the price is doing.

This allows you to patiently wait for the market to go up again while collecting monthly income.

Let’s cover some basics and then look at some real numbers from my portfolio...

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The Real Estate Crash Has Cost Me $300,000 So Far, But I'm Still Making Money

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