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Why 15-Year Mortgages Are A Bad Idea - Learn what to do instead.

Many people believe that paying off their mortgage early is a good idea, so they go for 15-year loans to make it happen.

I don’t disagree, but I prefer to do it in a different way that involves far less risk.

You can pay off a 30-year mortgage in 15 years, but you cannot pay off a 15-year mortgage in 30.

If you want to pay your mortgage off early, go for it. Take a 30-year mortgage and make extra payments every month or every year.

If you take a 15-year mortgage, and your life situation changes, you cannot easily back out and start paying at a slower pace.

If you are still on the fence, you need to read this article about why real-estate investors agree:

Why Real Estate Investors Don't Use 15-Year Mortgages



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